New Saronia Vanguard

Dreams of Saronia

"Long ago, near the onset of the Fourth Umbral Calamity, there existed within the Allagan Empire a province called Saronia. Ruled by Provincial Governor Gorn Restor under the watchful eyes of Ambassador to Allag Gigameth. It was an industrialized nation that prided itself on its airships, especially their flagship Nautilus. Once Gorn's son Alus took the throne, he proved to be much more difficult for the Empire to control. This is where Saronia's history according to Allag, and the truth, begin to diverge..."

Professor Leo Baldesion

Thank You for Your Interest in New Saronia


Saronia was a kingdom that existed thousands of years ago during the Third Astral Era lost to Allagan conquest, but thanks to Sharlayan Historians we're able to bring their history and culture to Eorzea today.


More than a Preservation Society, we strive to create a sense of fellowship and community among adventurers of all backgrounds. Part of honoring the memory of Saronia is providing for any and all who have been displaced or forgotten.


We're always looking for like minded individuals whether they wish to aid their fellow denizens of Hydaelyn, contribute to furthering our mission of preserving the Saronian way of life, or provide other services.


Balmung, Mist, Ward 19, Plot 17

The New Saronia Civic Hall's main level contains a reception desk and seating area along with a small collection of restored Allagan nodes and a modest collection of tomes containing collected works from the Third Astral Era. Behind the main lobby is a door leading to the administrative office, an infirmary, and a bathhouse all open to the public. Downstairs is a lounge used in our Public Nights ((Wednesdays 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern)) that serves to offer a place of socializing and relaxation and occasional entertainment.

Friends of Saronia

Black Talon Market - alternating Thursdays in Goblet Ward 10, Plot 4 on Mateus

Hearty Delights - Goblet Ward 20, Plot 18 on Balmung

Carbuncle's Favor Confectionary - Goblet Ward 6, Apt 71 on Balmung

The Sleepy Nomad - Every 2nd Thursday in Goblet Ward 6, Wing 2, Apt 70 on Balmung

Bandee Pakshee - Alternating Fridays in Goblet Ward 10, Plot 19 on Balmung